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Now use this website on your mobile phone! Book online too.

A short drive and ferry ride away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle and Vancouver BC is the laid back, untainted natural beauty of the San Juan Islands. Named after Spanish explores, the islands are awash in history and museums exploring their Spanish past in a not-so-very Spanish part of the world.

The nearly 200 islands are marked by craggy coastlines and pebble beaches that seemingly rose up from the brisk, pristine Pacific Ocean that churns in and out twice a day. The three main islands are Lopez, Orcas and San Juan; all have ferry service, and all have a unique flavor. The other islands which also feature homes are Shaw, Decatur, Stuart, Waldron, Blakely, Cypress, Lummi and Gueme.

Lopez Island is known for its large population of artists and as a popular touring area for bicyclists. Orcas Island is best described as rural; farms and villages dot the forests and pastures on this island, and Mount Constitution, a 2400 foot peak is sure to offer outstanding vistas of the ocean and neighboring islands. San Juan Island is the largest island and home to the quaint town of Friday Harbor, where there is plethora of shops, restaurants, galleries and even a movie theater.

The real treat that all the islands offer however, is the bounty of nature. Bald Eagles, Orca (Killer) Whales, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, Grey Whales, and more are all visible from the islands and their surrounding waters and are truly magnificent to behold in person.

Extremely popular activities in the islands are wildlife viewing and boating, both taking advantage of the majesty of the Pacific Ocean.

Just a short trip from the major metropolises of Seattle and Vancouver BC, Sunspots invites you to come relax, unwind, and witness the splendor and beauty of nature in the San Juan Islands.

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